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I’m constantly disappointed with  dried out chicken breast. Chicken breast doesn’t have much flavor, but it’s the favored chicken part of choice by most restaurants. I understand that it looks pretty, and its a nice size, but come on how about a little thigh occasionally?

Most of the chicken I consume is pretty well hidden in sauce, wrapped in a burrito or folded into noodles. In the last week I’ve had pad se ew, a mango chutney wrap, and a chicken lasagna. All were made with dried out flavorless breast meat, that probably cost the restaurant twice what a similar portion of thigh meat costs. All would have been much better with thigh meat.

I understand why you’d use a breast when you were plating it as a single piece of meat on a plate, or on a bun, but when diced in little pieces, covered in sauce and wrapped in a tortilla does it matter what it looks like? 

I think I’ll start asking for thigh meat.


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