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A Little Nacho

While watching college football today the wife asked for nachos. Now normally, I’m not a huge fan of nachos, and would normally provided an alternative suggestion. However, I knew we didn’t have the ingredients for nachos, which makes the nacho idea all that more appealing in an Iron Chef / Chopped kind of way.

Strategy: Identify ingredients that vaguely resemble nachos and modify them to see if I could get close


  • lightly spray flour tortillas with olive oil and bake til almost crispy
  • take some great northern beans and season heavily with chili powder
  • sauteed some turkey chorizo — I think it’s just finely ground turkey seasoned with more chili powder
  • add shopped onions, gratedĀ cheeseĀ and pile whole mixture of semi crisp tortillas

Results: edible

Learnings: stick to tortilla chips

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