Wineries and Petting Zoos: Wine Tasting Tips

Thanksgiving is the busiest tasting time for Oregon wineries. For those planning to do some wine tasting this weekend, I have a few tips.

  1. Avoid any wineries with a petting zoo, the world’s largest wine barrel or an aerial tram.
  2. Wineries with a family dog or cat is a plus, even the occasional goat or horse is okay and do not apply to rule #1, petting zoo clause.
  3. Do not stop on your way to the winery to get coffee, no matter how cool you think Dutch Bros is.
  4. Pick friends to go with that are wine club members at different wineries than you are.
  5. If you see a large van of wine drinkers, make sure you beat them to the tasting room.
  6. If you see a large van  of wine drinkers having a bachelorette party. Stick around, cause it could be amusing, but don’t expect a tranquil wine sipping experience.
  7. Do not go up to total strangers asking  “Are my teeth purple?”
  8. Be suspect of wineries with a cute animal on the label.
  9. The longer the tasting notes, the more I think the winemaker is trying to hide something.

 If you want to know all about proper wine tasting ettiquette, check out


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