Thanksgiving Wine

This will be the first year I’m not cooking for Thanksgiving dinner in a long time. Not cooking  a thing. I could probably do mashed potatoes in the hotel coffee maker, but I’ll leave that to the experts. So instead, I’m bringing the wine.

My selection so far — there are eight people attending:

  • 1 unoaked chardonnay (OR)
  • 2 sparklings (New Mexico, yes New Mexico)
  • 2 pinot noirs (OR)
  • 1 dessert semillon (OR)

The plan is to road-trip to Eureka California, about 400 miles South of Portland. Eureka at one time had a bit of a food scene, fresh seafood, not too far from California wine country and a good amount of tourism and some creative cheap eateries for the students. From what I understand the recession hit Eureka especially hard. I’m curious to see what’s there now.


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